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A New Mountain Monitor is up!!      Election Mountain Monitor

FireWise updates on Chipper Days and Pine Needle, Cone & Leaf Collection. 

 New Document
Water Committee Rules and Regulations
are now posted in the ‘Governing Documents’ section
of the webpage.  Water is our most precious asset.
Please take time to read this information. 

FireWise Grant Updates 
The FireWise Committee is happy to announce updates to the Grant Applications that were made last year. Follow this LINK to the current information.

Budget and Dues Information 2024
The Board has worked diligently over the past few months analyzing the overall finances of Valle Escondido. The result of these meetings and the research done by Mark Johnson, Sam Bright and others is presented here in a variety of documents. Each one of the sections below will have a clickable link to take you to more in depth research on the subject. If you have further questions, you can find the board members information on the website and you can send us questions. 

Letter from the President ---   Click for the letter

2024 Signed Budget

This is the final approved budget signed by the board. It identifies all fee decisions and presents the line-by-line annual budget amounts. (4 pages). Click for the report. 

10 Year Dues Trend vs Expenses

This is a summary that illustrates the relationship between HOA fee levels and expenses for the last decade. It shows the relation between our established dues for each year and the level required to cover operating expenses for that year. It also shows the accumulation of those differences and the longer-term impacts on capital investment and reserves. (2 pages) Click for the report. 

Final Budget Analysis Package 2024

This is a comprehensive review of the last decade and the current VEHA budget. It looks at all budget components in detail and shows trends in those expenses as well as the key components of those expenses. This was the Board’s key working document for the development of the 2024 budget. (70 pages) Click for the report

2024 Detail QuickBooks Budget

This is a compilation of QuickBooks reports.  It breaks down the budget into key groupings including General Revenue, clubhouse contribution over various types, Labor and non-labor expenses, and further breaks down non-labor into big hitters, repairs, and miscellaneous expenses.  It also includes the monthly breakdown of all budgets. (17 pages) Click for the report. 

2024 Budget vs 2023 Budget vs Actuals

This is a report showing a line-by-line comparison of the 2024 budget vs the 2023 budget and the 2023 actual expenses against that budget. (2 pages) Click for the report. 


You’ll find us on the Enchanted Circle

 Updates on Land Clearing Grants

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Stay current on fire restrictions for Carson National Forest at their website.
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Great News!! 

“Very High Quality– Drinking Water” 

To read the entire report, click this link.

Want to know the best way to protect your property from wildfire?

For more information, Click this  link


Your Valle Escondido dues can be paid online.

Online Payments   New in 2023 we are introducing the capability of paying your HOA dues and Guest Fees online.  We are introducing this as a convenience to Homeowners. We also hope it will lead to more efficiency in processing payments in the longer term. Please give it a try. Just select the link above.  As we learn from this process we will continue to look for ways to improve the convenience and efficiency of collecting fees and as appropriate broaden out to additional forms of payment.
See the Valle Online Payment Guide for Questions

Need Help??       

Reaching out to Committee heads can be handled by following this link. Click here.


A private Facebook group for Valle Escondido Homeowners' Group is now available.  Join today! 


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