Chipper Days & Pine Needle Bins

Valle Escondido

Pine Needle, Pine Cone and Leaf Recycling Bins

Thanks to the cooperation of the Taos County Solid Waste Department, Valle Escondido will again have a large bin for your pine needles beginning on June 21 and lasting one month. If the first bin is filled, it will be replaced by another. 

The bin that will again be placed on the north side of the clubhouse.  NOTE: This bin is for pine needles, pine cones, and leaves only. If you have branches to dispose of, bring them to one of two Valle Escondido Chipper Days, July 13 and September 7. 

If you have elderly or infirm neighbors, you may be able to lend them a hand. If that is not possible for you, Firewise committee members are asking for your help to compile a list of individuals or contractors that can offer this service to our homeowners.  You may forward the information to Grady Basler at [email protected].  You may also obtain the list through the same email address.


Valle Escondido Chipper Day Schedule

July 13, 2024

September 7, 2024

Valle Escondido Chipper Day Rules: 

  • No limbs over 5-6” diameter, no wire, no nails, no lumber.
  • Please put the butt end out for easy offloading.
  • County employees will offload your branches and operate the chipper. 
  • Nothing will be accepted after 1 p.m. You must already be in line at that time.
  • No dump card required.


Taos Canyon Chipper Day Schedule
Gravel Pit (Mile Marker 259)
June 22, 2024
September 21, 2024

Taos Canyon Chipper Day Rules
Because Valle Escondido is in Taos Canyon, you can haul slash to the open area gravel pit near Mile Marker 259 on US 64 to the Chipper Days scheduled there by the Taos Canyon Neighborhood Association. Several rules are enforced there that are not required in Valle Escondido. See below:
  • All uncapped trucks must be tarped or limbs tied with ropes. 
  • If you arrive in a truck or with a trailer that is not tarped, you will not be allowed to unload. 
  • County issued dump card may be required.
  • The county employees will unload and do the chipping. 
  • No limbs over 5-6” diameter, no wire, no nails no lumber. 
  • Please put the butt end of limbs out for easy offloading.


In addition, you can also: 

  • Take your slash/pine needles to Taos County Landfill (Taos Dump). Check their website for current hours and any restrictions. A county issued dump card is required. All loads must be tarped.

The Valle Firewise committee extends a special thanks to our neighbors who put up with the dust and additional traffic generated by these events, especially Tammy Miller, Paul Tratechaud, and the Salazar family. Their community spirit is an inspiration for us all. We are fortunate we live in a place where neighbors get involved in ongoing efforts to keep our community safe.




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