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29. Just wanted to put in my two cents worth regarding the new deck proposal
Please consider the following:
1.  What is the current cost of materials as I know prices have risen since initially submitted
2.  How much extra will it cost to relocate sprinkler system in site of proposed deck
3.  Is current deck not meeting our needs on a regular basis or just too small once or twice a season
4.  Cost of furnituring new deck
5.  Would we still have adequate funds to update/reline our second water tank if we do the deck 
6.  Can we do deck, water tank, and meet the other needs of the valley without imposing yet another dues increase
7.  Is the deck price based on materials only or is labor factored in the event volunteer labour is not available at time of construction
8.  I am not opposed to the deck but I do want to be sure our needs are going to be met before our desires are met while not raising our dues once again
I know this is not an easy decision for the board to make based trying to balance necessities vs niceties and all the while staying within budgetary constraints and not imposing budget increases
Thanks for allowing input
— Doug Foshee

28. I write for myself alone, and no one else, to you and the other residents of the Valle.  I have had a home here for 11 years, now going on 12, and dearly love the place.  Over the years I have pitched in and served my time, negotiating the “cattle invasions,” serving on the board, serving as president and serving as chair of the insurance and beautification committees.

I’ve always been impressed by the balance here.  Full-timers watch out for part-timers’ homes and get up on winter nights to fix water leaks, and  part-timers help pay for services that full-timers may use more of.  People who socialize at the clubhouse don’t fish, but help pay to stock the lakes for people who do.  Etc., etc.  Both groups volunteer to help keep this place running since we simply cannot operate as we do without the countless hours put in by volunteers.

I am greatly saddened by the conflict that has developed over the deck expansion at the clubhouse.  In normal times, it seems the expansion of the deck would be an issue that the board and the community could tackle head on answering these questions: is it a project that would enhance the amenities and serve the community; how much will it cost and how will it be paid for; does a substantial majority of the community support it; and can the community afford it. 

I don’t know if it’s the times or the stress of the past year and a half that have created such divisions in the Valle but it’s sad to see.  While there has always been conflict over issues, at least since I’ve been here we’ve been able to work through them. 

I appreciate the service of the board and your service as president.  I encourage the board to work with all residents, those for the deck expansion, those against and those neutral or disengaged, to work towards a resolution
and final decision that is transparent, makes every effort to listen to the community and follows the Valle’s approved procedures for finance and budgeting. 

I don’t know how other residents feel, but I will support whatever the board decides to do if I think they have given the deck expansion careful and deliberate consideration, and have been transparent about what the expansion will cost and how it will be paid for.

—Mary Hoffman  
27. I am a firm believer in taking care of what you need before taking care of things that you want. I am not in favor of the deck at this time for a couple of reasons. 1. First we must deal with infrastructure issues with the clubhouse, electrical, foundation issues and drainage. Also, the beer cooler is being held together with a band aid and the freon that it runs on no longer is produced. it will need to be replaced in the near future. Second we have major repairs with the swimming pool that need to happen ASAP, a new fence and new pool deck that is falling apart. Without these things being fixed the pool will have to shut down. I would also like to see a new proposal for the deck with the increased cost of materials and a second proposal that is less expensive. Maybe a deck without a roof or a concrete slab could save some money. 

Brian Van Nevel

26. I totally support expanding the deck at the clubhouse. I find out on weekends and even sometimes during the week that they were are always people on that deck and there would be more if there was more seating. It is also helpful whenever we get thunderstorms that move in quickly because a lot of people prefer to stay outside versus coming inside. On golf tournament days when it gets crowded inside the clubhouse it would be nice to have that additional space out there also.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jake Dominguez 34 Clint Road 
25.I think an expansion to the deck is a good idea, but it must be the right kind of deck. One that goes with the beauty of our mountains, like a base of flagstone. Not a concrete slab. And not something that would compromise the integrity of the current clubhouse, i.e. merging into its roof. Why not an open air deck where one could enjoy the views and stars at night? Even a gas powered fireplace to warm those enjoying it.

So basically, I don’t agree with the current design. But I am not opposed to a deck as long as it’s a feasible and aesthetically pleasing design.

Mary Anne Fogarty
24. Undoubtably . . . a big, beautiful deck would be a desirable addition, but we have to question whether or not it is the number one thing on our priority list.  Our homeowner’s dues went up again this year so it is important to be careful about our spending if we are expecting ALL to contribute to a deck when ALL may not use or benefit from it.  What percentage of homeowner’s actually would use the deck and for how many days would that deck be maximized to justify the expense?  Is there enough golf and clubhouse income to justify the expense?  Are those entities running in the black or the red?  How much of homeowner dues are being used to subsidize Clubhouse/golf course operations?  How much money is being generated from tournaments and other public activities to justify an expense for this deck?

There are some areas of infrastructure and existing amenities that could use attention, for example:

  • Due to poor drainage from the roof on the backside of the Clubhouse, the lower logs are rotting and the dirt work around the foundation is eroding and this drainage issue has also resulted in flooding of the shop and the business office below the Clubhouse.
  • There was some talk during board meetings that the integrity of the dams for our fishing lakes are questionable.
  • The metal fencing around the pool needs to be replaced.
  • The decking around the pool needs to be resurfaced.
  • The pool needs new furniture.
  • The heat source in the Clubhouse is weak at best.  The source is largely for aesthetics.  Building the deck and placing a roof over would eliminate solar gain which would prevent keeping the Clubhouse warmer in the winter months.  For that reason, winterizing may need to be included in the deck budget.

We are very appreciative of our volunteers with our family having volunteered thousands of hours for the past 50 years of home ownership in this Valle.  We understand the value and importance of volunteers to make this place a beautiful and a sustainable place to live and understand the volunteers' motives in pursuing this deck project.  Not all homeowners golf.  Not all homeowners fish.  Not all homeowners swim.  Not all homeowners utilize the Clubhouse.  Please keep ALL homeowners in mind when considering building what would largely be a “luxury” item at this point and not necessarily generate enough income to justify the expense, especially since homeowners’ dues have been increasing.

Brett and Jen hardy


23. This is my fourth season here at the Valle.  Since my first season I have been hearing about the deck and how a good part of the community was willing to volunteer and donate money to improve and enlarge the area.  
I was under the impression  that part of the money for the project had already been raised. 
I feel that a nice outdoor area would be an asset to this community where people who love to be outside can sit an enjoy the surroundings and each other’s company.  I’ve always felt that this community had the most beautiful wonderful, caring people.  And that is an asset in itself.   I feel we have to look at what is here in the Valle with respect to each other that not everyone uses each amenity but it is there to be used.  I don’t use the pool or children’s area but I am so happy that others have it and use it.  And we need to take care of it for those who do use it.   I am willing to put in some of my own money to make this deck happen. 
Thanks, Sue Mahoney
22. I’m fine with the expansion of the deck, even though I seldom use the clubhouse, and expect that the financing of that effort would be quite visible before the work starts.
My recommendations would be: Make a flagstone deck, not poured concrete. I know several clubs in the Dallas area who have gone with that option. It gives you more flexibility, looks a heck of a lot better and lends itself to a gas fire pit that would get a lot of use.
This may be a bit more expensive, but a lot of that expense would be labor which has been pointed out will be done with our able and generous volunteers.
Also, I would like to see this done in two phases: first phase grading, etc and setting of the flagstone. Using tables with commercial grade umbrellas. (I have one twenty years old that still looks great.)
We will need the tables and chairs anyway.
Then a second phase of constructing the roof, etc.
This would allow for gradual expense to the budget and a better way to manage the expense without getting too far into our reserve accounts as they can be gradually replenished while still using the first phase of the expansion. — Bob Clift
21.  I think it would be a great addition to the clubhouse. —Bob Flesher
20. I would love to see the deck area expanded. Being outside is one of the best things about being in the valley,  and to be able to do this with friends would be great!. The little deck has obviously been a hit, as it quickly fills up, so expansion is a great idea.
Mary Jean Bassett
50 Clint
19. Bob and I are definitely in favor of the new deck at the clubhouse. —Bob and Cleo Robinson
18. Ron and I are in favor of the deck expansion at the clubhouse. It  seems clear that the increased space is needed and will be used and enjoyed regularly following golf events and other activities.  This will be an improvement that enhances the amenities here at VE. it will benefit all of us as property owners and will hopefully be a positive factor in attracting other business to the clubhouse, deli and golf course. The view from the deck is lovely as we all know.
We also want to express our thanks for all the work that went into the detailed proposal for the new deck. It is well done .

Kathy and Ron Yeo

17. In the summer of 1997, Bill and I spent a few days in Santa Fe while our three children were in camp.   Bill insisted that we do a day trip to Taos.  I had never been but he had skied there several times.  We fell in love and came back in early October with our children.  We looked at houses all over the area including two in VE.  But it was when we were eating hamburgers on the deck that is now the annex that we knew this was the place for us.  By Thanksgiving we were moving in to our house.    Over the years we have met so many dear friends at the clubhouse and made wonderful memories.   The annex was a wonderful addition that was certainly needed and we feel the deck expansion is also needed.    We are all blessed with the beautiful scenery and the amenities that we share for a very reasonable amount in HOA dues.   We realize building prices have increased but with the extremely generous neighbors that donate time and expertise, we are heartily in favor of going forward !

Cindy and Bill Davidson
16.  Sam and I are delighted at the prospect of expanding the deck at the clubhouse.  I think it would enhance the enjoyment of our great clubhouse and increase the value of each homeowner’s property.  Elaine and Sam Bright
15. Pat and I are in full support of the deck expansion at the clubhouse. We use the clubhouse routinely in our summer activities and we enjoy the atmosphere of the classic building. I started coming to the Valle when I was a teenager. My family visited the clubhouse in the late 60’s and we loved swimming at the pool and getting ice cream inside the clubhouse. Believe it or not there used to be washing machines downstairs to clean our sheets and clothing before going home! 😂.
Later, we brought our own kids here and now our grandkids. This Valle that is so much of our family history is near and dear to us. My family owns two houses here and will soon add one more. We’d love to leave our mark on the clubhouse by contributing our time and energy in the expansion.

Potlucks, golf tournaments, swimming and activities have allowed the clubhouse to grow in use and indoor space, but only a tiny bit on the  outside. As homeowners, we come here for the mountains, golf, weather and the beauty of the area. Gathering with other homeowners and guests at the clubhouse is one of our very favorite pastimes.
We want to have the outdoor area expanded and we are willing to help! Sounds like a great activity to bring all of us together.
With all of the creative minds and energy in this area, we’ll build something marvelous to serve all homeowners in our little slice of Heaven.

Peggy and Pat James

14. Yes I support the expansion project
—Jack Hickman
13.  VE HOA Board and Members,

We support expansion of the front patio for the VE Clubhouse.  We believe enlargement of the patio will be a benefit to all homeowners that use and take advantage of the clubhouse facilities.  An expanded patio will also increase the value of the shared amenities offered by the HOA, which will be a benefit to all property owners.  An enlarged patio may also attract more visitors to use the golf course and clubhouse. 

We encourage the HOA Board to take advantage of the services offered by the VE Geriatric Crew to complete as much work on the expansion as possible and to use materials that require minimal maintenance.  We recognize that construction materials have skyrocketed this year and support waiting until the material costs return to more reasonable values.  We also support a phased approach to construction, as needed.

Anthony and Elaine Pacheco

12. We feel so very blessed to be a part of this beautiful Valley.  We feel grateful that our opinions matters.
As with any other properties we own we are continually upgrading and improving structures to maintain value, esthetics and needs.

Randall and I are in full support of upgrading and enlarging the front patio. A new large patio will improve the value of everyone's property here at Valle Escondido .  In the midst of this ongoing pandemic it is obvious that an enlarged outdoor patio is and will be needed for social distancing and therefore healthier for everyone now and in the future. 

We feel the front patio has the most picturesque views here in the Valle and therefore it is always crowded and sought during the busy summer months. 

Randall mentions the benefits of concrete which include lower cost, long life and less maintenance.

We have no doubt a new patio would be an asset and well used when it is completed.

Rosalinda Lacy and Randall Korniek

11.I am in full support for this enlargement project.  This will improve and update our amenity - the clubhouse - which in turn, will  maintain/improve the value of all our homes & lots in Valle Escondido proper. —Suzanne Miller
10. We are Margie and Chuck Dlabaj and strongly approve of the new deck proposal. There are so many reasons why we should build a new deck and very little why we should not. Without the clubhouse, golf course, swimming pool and other facilities, we would be just another place to live without a real sense of community. Friends are made at functions held at the clubhouse and deck. The proposed deck will only enhance this community's value and love for Valle Escondido. The existing deck is nice but too small for the crowds that we experience. The deck is old and well past time to replace. So many visitors to our golf course and clubhouse enjoy having lunch outside without getting wet. The roof covered patio will be a tremendous boost to attract many more visitors to the Valle. To some, the cost may seem to be too expensive. If you want to improve the value of our resources, you have to be willing to spend some. With labor being provided by locals, it seems like an intelligent decision to approve this project and start enjoying the new deck.
Margie and Chuck Dlabaj

9. My wife, Edie, and I are very much in favor of expanding the clubhouse deck.  It is more and more obvious that more people/members are visiting the clubhouse.  The current deck does not handle the number of guests who wish to sit outside.  The more people who can sit outside will only increase clubhouse business. — Bill Elkjer
8.  Dear Community,

I am a strong proponent of the deck expansion project.  I think it will be a highly desirable feature of the community and a good value for the homeowners.  It will be the next step in the long history of the volunteer driven evolution of the clubhouse we take for granted today. 

When I moved to Valle Escondido 20 years ago, I remember hearing stories from Lottie Van Nevel, Bill Hardy and others about the volunteer development of the original log structure that is the core of our clubhouse today.  And I was thankful for their efforts because that clubhouse was where I initially met all the people that make up the community here that are the reason we decided to settle here. That little clubhouse served as the nucleus of the community.  Doc Hardy and Lottie are gone now.  But the legacy of their generation remains.

A few years after moving here, the community funded the construction of a roof over what is now the clubhouse annex to keep snow and rain from leaking into the shop below. That effort was largely driven by Mike Fowler who we lost last year.

Later, it was recognized that with some extra effort we could enclose that structure to take advantage of the interior space.  A group of volunteers put up the walls and installed the windows to keep the weather out and then finished the outside.  It was a barn raising kind of affair.  I still remember suspending Doc Hardy from a rope while he nimbly guided a window into place. Again, the materials were bought by the association and the work was done by the community.

Dix Stillman then lead the next phase to beautifully finish out the interior into the space we take for granted today.  This annex is now an indispensable part of the clubhouse.  We have our HOA meetings there.  We do our potlucks.  We have had special events like our wine tasting dinners, talent shows, dances, etc.  These are all things that bring the community together and make it the place we love.

Now, this brings us to the deck expansion.  Several years ago, Valle Escondido volunteers constructed the existing small deck space utilizing a small material budget and volunteer labor.  This deck was then furnished with 3 small tables with umbrellas. Since its construction it has been renovated once and then supplemented with shade sails to provide shade.

The deck has proven to be a very desirable and popular gathering space for valle Escondido residents, golf members and other clubhouse guests.  However, usage is limited by available deck space.  The shade sails, while an improvement over table umbrellas, do not provide rain protection and are potentially unsafe during high winds. 

So, much like in previous times, a group of volunteers has put together a plan to gather as a community to build the next evolution of the clubhouse.   Once constructed I believe that, like the projects that came before, the deck expansion will come to be viewed as an indispensable part of the clubhouse and the community.  It will be a comfortable space for members of the community to gather and enjoy each other’s company and take in one of the best views of the enchanted circle.  And like prior projects, while the association will fund the materials, community volunteers will come together to build it.  I think it is a great idea and plan and it can be one of this generation’s legacies to the community.



Mark Johnson

7.  Hello,

I think the plans look great!


Rick (Campbell)

55 Clint

6. There are two reasons I am in favor of the extension of deck at our clubhouse:
The first reason is that I believe strongly in protecting our property values. The common areas: clubhouse, pool, golf course, and lakes, are integral to the value of our homes. Maintaining and updating them is good stewardship of our Valle. Extending the deck will add important space that will be used by our homeowners, their guests, and visitors from surrounding areas who come to play golf, eat, and enjoy each other's company. It is often too warm in the clubhouse to sit comfortably, but almost always it is wonderfully comfortable outside.
  The second reason is that I personally value my time with friends and neighbors at clubhouse events as well as times during the week to sit outside and enjoy our fabulous views. I believe people who do participate in life at the clubhouse deserve a voice in this decision. I would be very willing to participate in fund raisers to allow this work that has been planned by professionals to come to fruition.
Judy Beglau

5. Kevin and I love the idea of extending the Clubhouse deck. The weather is so nice and to be outside just makes it so much better. I feel it will greatly improve the appeal of the clubhouse for the homeowners and other people who love to come up and be in the cool pines. No brainer.
Kevin and Wanda Macpherson
12 Clint Road
4.  When we considered purchasing a home nine years ago, we visited the clubhouse. That was the afternoon I met Lottie. She took it upon herself to tell me how it started out as just a little clubhouse with a small deck and then an annex was added, a pool, and they were working on a playground. It was a common space that catered to all. Enlarging the deck is the next logical expansion of how we live and who we are. It is used not only as a place to eat and drink, but to gather, read, and use the wi-fi.
You must invest in your home. The only deterrent I hear is cost. We have PROFFESSIONAL plans at no cost and labor that will have little or no cost. Our return will be so much greater than the material cost. As our community grows, we must make accommodations in our community space. Everyone is asking, "Who benefits from the deck expansion?" The answer is, we all do.
Rick and Ellen Robberson
47 Clint Road

3. “I am against the Clubhouse Deck Expansion as described on the website.
My objections are:
- cost
- concrete floor - that does not seem very fitting for our mountain environment
- roof - why not use Hotel Grade Umbrellas? also, the stars are beautiful at night here in the       valley,  how will we see them with the roof?
My suggestions are:
- expand existing deck, buy nice furniture, enhance what we got.
- put in a nice flagstone patio deck with a firepit and nice tables and chairs and umbrellas”
~ Ed Fogarty

2. “I am opposed to spending money on deck expansion with building supplies so over priced. Perhaps we should consider how an expansion would help our finances....who is profiting from this expansion ...visitors or homeowners. Our dues are already exceeding the cost of inflation which I feel is in excess.....Perhaps we should tighten our belts.” —Jan Bache Jones

1. (Summary of phone call:  Roger Krause June 8) He is in favor of the deck expansion but would like to see an estimate after the price of building materials come down.